400 TPH, Cyclone coal preparation plant

The work is one of its medium works where magnetite is used to increase the density of the pulp up to the right level.
The work has a primary crusher on an open crushing circuit. This is a hammer crusher intended to reduce the run to -250mm.
Furthermore, the mass flow enters a closed sight / crushing circuit, the secondary crusher, which causes the run down to -50 mm.
After the secondary crusher, the ROM is taken into the first wet screen step. Here, -3mm is taken over for classification cyclones while +3 -50 mm enters the hydrocyclone.
The fine substance, -3mm, is split into spiral banks before the coal is dehydrated in a centrifuge.
+3 -50 is also dehydrated in the centrifuge.
The departure is only dehydrated over screeners.
Water is recovered through a thicker cell and continuous filter presses. Departure from the filter presses can be run together with the coal departure or as a separate product.
Both cationic and anionic flocculants are used in the water treatment.
The nominal capacity of the plant is 400mt / h. 
The plant has had a yearly stop for revision, maintenance and modifications
Plant has been stood since february 2016.
2700 001 Building

2700 001 Building

2700 001 HB

2700 001 H&B

2700 001 Intake screen crusher

2700 001 Intake screen and crusher building

2700 001 HB intake bunker

2700 001 H&B intake bunker in use

2700 001 Dust collector

2700 001 Dust collector

2700 001 coal wash plant

2700 001 Coal wash plant fabrication in UK

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Coal preparation plants
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400 TPH, Coal preparation plant
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400 tonne pr hour
(1=poor, 5= excellent)
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5 years, approx 5 million metric tonns cleaned
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NOK 46 498 027,-
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NOK 11 938 164,-

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